Picture Review of the Brighton Marina Bungee Jump

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On September 7th we congregated at Brighton Marina to meet our friends from the UK Bungee Club, and have a go at the ultimate adrenaline experience… Bungee jumping! From a 160ft crane, Renata, Aaron and Evie took part in the jump, Aaron for the umpteenth time, Renata for the first time solo and Evie for the first time ever. It was a brilliant day made even better by the friendly, enthusiastic staff at UK Bungee, and an experience everyone should try in their lifetime. A perfect gift for any thrill-seeker looking to cross an item off the bucket list! Here are a selection of photos from the jumps.

Aaron’s Jumps

Renata’s Jump

Evie’s Jump


Jo on the Road, over and Out

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Hi guys, Jo here … and the time has come for me to move on! Booo … but I knew this was the case when I signed up to be an extreme reviewer for Extreme Element. Back to university I go though … don’t worry, this wasn’t me pre-empting my death at Tough Mudder this weekend!

In case you’ve missed anything, or just want a recap of my time here, I thought I’d give you a brief run through … and, corr, what a year it’s been! Wakeboarding, land yachting and even learning to fly a plane, I really have ‘been there, done that, got the t-shirt’ … quite literally:

To kick-start my time here I went on a driving day experience at the wonderful Goodwood Track with the amazing Mithrill guys. I hopped into a Mustang and drove it around the course – certainly an experience compared to the Extreme Element Mini!

Driving Day at Goodwood

I was then faced with a whole other track -a go-karting course, where I proudly came in second against some of the Extreme Element team (a very proud moment for me)!

GoKarting in Brighton

Moving swiftly on and my boss is reminded about how I can beat him – again! I was thrown into a boxing ring, but not just any ring … I was up against a pro MMA fighter – Sol Gilbert. He taught me how to punch, kick and grapple.

Extreme Fight Skool

From a boxing ring to a RIB ride, racing down the Thames and learning a little more about London … followed closely by a ride in an Ariel Atom and a drive around the track in a Lamborghini (still hoping to receive this car next Christmas) … and what a phenomenal drive that was!

Trading in that Ariel Atom race helmet for something a little smaller, I headed to London and learned to climb ice! Who would have thought you could do that in England, eh? Hacking away and reaching the top to ding the bell was a real feeling of accomplishment!

Last, but not least, another incredibly memorable experience – learning to fly a plane over Denver. Ahh yes, I took a plane over to Colorado to visit our US office and hopped right into another aircraft … this time in the pilot seat! I really did end on a right good ‘un!

In between these fantastic experiences I visited so many other unbelievable places, if you want to find out more you can check them out on the blog:
Jo on the Road with Experience Days
Jo on the Road with Xperience Days
Jo on the Road with Extreme Element

Thank you Extreme Element, I have had a truly wonderful time and I hope your readers enjoyed my experiences! Up next, we have Evie who will be driving, flying and making her way in the extreme world just like I did!


Tough Mudder Update: 9 Days to Go

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So, we have nine days to go until Tough Mudder, and the panic is beginning to set in as we have just been sent our start time! Next Sunday we will be setting off from the muddy, wet starting point at 10.40 am … so no Sunday lie-ins for us then!

Back to the point – Tough Mudder: 12 miles, 25+ obstacles, and a whole load of mud. BRING IT ON! There will be six of us all together to tackle the course on the day – you can find out more about the other five in my latest JOTR Tough Mudder update.

With only nine days to go, we should be race-prepared, both mentally and physically, and apart from one or two of us, I’m not sure we’re ready! Over the next week keep your eyes peeled for panicked facebook updates and last minute photos – and if we survive then hopefully there will be plenty of updates the following week too!

See you at the starting line … and wish us luck!


Tough Mudder Update: 18 Days to Go

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Last week I told you about my progress over the past few months… this week it’s time to hear it from the office. With only 18 days to go ‘til Tough Mudder (ahh, yes only 18 days) I wanted to find out how they’re really feeling…

What better way than to send out a few questions? Here’s a quick recap of our team – the six daring mudders, ready to tackle the ice baths, electric shocks, and of course… the mud!

… and here’s what they have to say about the muddy course we’re all about to tackle:

1. What training have you been doing?

Aaron: Some exercise, but mainly mental. I am of the ‘mind over matter’ ilk, and feel that so long as my brain is ready… my body will surely follow suit. I have also found some extra space on my body to store food reserves – and though I may start the race heavier, I’m sure by the end I’ll be travelling light and all the better for it. So, in short – I’d say I’ve been preparing, rather than training.

Dee: Not enough

Renata: I have been going to the gym mainly 5 times a week before work and did an hour worth of workout. This included running, push ups, sits ups, squats and so on.. Also I have been training with my colleague Jo, which made it even more fun.

Robb: Mixing up normal gym with a few more runs outside. Trying to incorporate stairs and slopes where I can… I might even start running on the pebbled beach if the sun comes out before June.

Selene: Um. A few runs. Weights! (4 kg hahaha). Protein shakes. Urm. I think that’s it. I will step it up the next few weeks!

2. How have you found the training?

Aaron: I couldn’t find the training anywhere. I looked and I looked, but couldn’t for the life of me find it. Perhaps it’s my peepers, or perhaps it’s hidden underneath my lack of desire… or perhaps if I’d spent less time preparing I may have found it.

Dee: Easy

Renata: It has been fun and the high point of my days. I will carry on doing it the same way all I will miss is my training buddy as she is going back to university soon.

Robb: Not much different to my normal exercise routine… that’s not to say it will prove effective.

Selene: Let me get back to you once I’ve stepped it up. So far, I’ve realised I prefer weights to cardio. I HATE running. Like, HATE IT. Hate it!!!

3. Do you have any concerns for Tough Mudder?

Aaron: I have numerous concerns for Tough Mudder, yes. How will they market it next year after the Extreme Element crew rock it out this year? How will the records we set ever be broken? I’m not the most caring by nature, but nobody wants to see a good thing end. I also thrive on flagellation, and without a terrifyingly daunting task ahead of me – I tend to get lazy, and do nothing but prepare…

Dee: Yes

Renata: Yes, I do. I really don’t want to jump into the ice cold water as I cannot stand cold at all!!!!! Even in the office I am always cold while the rest of the people are already warm. It will definitely make the whole experience nerve wrecking for me…

Robb: Not for myself. I’m concerned that the whole team might not come back alive. Gumtree jobs section is fairly cheap and effective though.

Selene: Yes concerned about everything. Especially the ice water and chafing and being too cold to do anything – even if I did have the strength. Which I don’t.

4.  How do you plan on celebrating after the event?

Aaron: I may turn to Theism. I will probably need divine inspiration to get me over the line, so I think if I make – it will be proof that there is a God. If not, well I will carry on my life of shameful, non-celebratory atheism. Should I finish before any of my colleagues, the celebrations will continue forever more – so I won’t feel the need to use up the tiny drops of energy I have left on the day.

Dee: By never signing up for anything so stupid ever again.

Renata: I would love to have a group photo with the people that suffered through this with me – and obviously have a few drinks so we can ease the pain in our bodies. The next few days will depend on how much pain I will be in…

Robb: Laying down. Maybe a shower.

Selene: Celebrating … Hmmm, nice warm shower, food and sleep is probably all I will be good for, provided I’m still alive.

5.  Which obstacle are you most excited to conquer?

Aaron: What?! You mean there are obstacles too? Oh jees. Well, my first obstacle was getting up and out of bed on time… I hadn’t thought much beyond that. Erm, I don’t know – the swings? The slide? **whisper whisper** ELECTRIC FENCES?! Are you ‘avin a laugh?? Crikey.

Dee: The finish line.

Renata: The whole of Tough Mudder. There are no specifics.

Robb: Mud Mile looks it comes with a certain sense of achievement.

Selene: I’m not excited about any of them. I’m dreading all of them. Attempting to scale the monkey bars will probably give everyone a laugh. Not looking forward to the electric shocks either. Hopefully at least the mud will act as a skin moisturiser, in which case I’m excited about that the most. Oh and the free food at the end. I just hope the protein bar is moist. REALLY, REALLY MOIST.

6. In the final few weeks leading up to TM how are you going to prepare?

Aaron: Well as I have already done lots of preparing, I may start doing some training. However, they say ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ – so if I don’t do any exercise until the day – I’ll be gagging for it and raring to go. I reckon I could probably squeeze a few extra pounds on somewhere around my waist or thighs too… so I may sweat it out some more in McDonald’s or Burger King.

Dee: By hoping it will just go away.

Renata: Carry on doing what I have already been doing but run more maybe even on the weekends and do more exercises that will strengthen my upper body.

Robb: I’ll be maintaining a tough mudder lifestyle for the next month to fully prepare. Namely, I won’t be showering.

Selene: Watch Rocky and start training SERIOUSLY. Protein shakes every day.


Extreme Father’s Day

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Dads. They teach you how to ride a bike, help you to fix your car and show you how to bleed a radiator… so when it comes to Father’s Day, how can you really thank them? Sure, with Mother’s Day you can take them to a spa, or send them some flowers, but dads, they don’t want to be sat there sniffing roses! They want to be out and about … perhaps even jumping from a plane? Well, that’s where we come in, give them an extreme gift they won’t forget this June 16th.

Indoor Skydiving 2for1 Father’s Day Special in Milton Keynes

Price: £98 £49

The experience made with Father’s Day in mind – indoor skydiving for two. Treat both you and your dad to two one-minute flights that will make you feel like you’re really falling through the air! What makes this so perfect is how you can spend the day together, isn’t that what your dad really wants on Father’s Day? Give him the thrill of skydiving, and be in it with him to watch him really enjoying the gift you bought him.

Bungee Jump All Over the UK

Price: £60

Daughters, remember that spider your dad saved you from last week? Yeah you know, that massive black furry thing that seemed big enough to attack you (when in fact it was the size of a 1p coin)? Well, let’s put your dad’s bravery to the test, treat him to a bungee jump this Father’s Day. Watch as he throws himself off a crane from a height of 160ft, with just a bungee cord attached to his feet.

Tandem Skydive Anywhere in the UK

Price: £249

Ok, take that bungee jump (and big scary spider) and turn it into a skydive. Turn that 160ft into 15,000ft and treat your dad to 30-60 seconds of free fall – what a way to spend Father’s Day! His jump will have him free falling and reaching terminal velocity (160mph), before floating back to Earth – which can take around 6-8 minutes to do, so plenty of time to enjoy the views.

4×4 Driving Experience across the UK

Price Range: £45 – £600

Remember your first driving lesson, or the first time your dad took those stabilisers off your bike? Well, why not get him back in the learner’s seat and behind the wheel of a 4×4 as he finds his way around the tricky terrain of a whole new road – hills, muddy tracks and rocky trails. We offer everything from discovery lessons, private sessions and half day courses, so there’s plenty to choose from.

Off Road Buggy Experience all over the UK

Price Range: £40 – £290

Treat your dad to a new set of wheels, but not just any four wheels, and not for his road-car. We’re talking quad bikes, apache or karting of course! This Father’s Day, why not get your dad off the road and behind the wheel of something entirely different. With so many options he is spoiled for choice, and we bet he’ll think of his brilliant day every time he gets back in the driver’s seat for that boring road-drive to work.

Supercar Choice 1 anywhere in the UK

Price: £89

There’s no doubt about it, dads love cars. That’s why our last Father’s Day gift idea is the perfect choice for your dad come June 16th. Treat him to four laps around a track in a supercar! With such a huge variety of choice he won’t know which one to go for – Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche, Subaru or a Caterham. This experience really will make your dad feel like number one as he races around a track in such a beautiful motor.

Whether your dad is a thrill seeker or a petrol head, Extreme Element can offer the best gift to give him this Father’s Day, and we can guarantee the next time you need something fixing you won’t feel so guilty giving your old man a call. Happy Father’s Day!


Tough Mudder Update: Four Weeks to Go

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Jo on the Road is back, and this week I’m updating you guys on my progress for our Tough Mudder event in four weeks (the office update to come). That is only twenty eight days… TWENTY EIGHT. Not that I’m worried or anything. Ok, I’m a little worried. It probably hasn’t helped that I’ve been watching videos from recent Tough Mudders, like this one from the London event a couple of weekends ago:

(Warning, naughty language in the following video)

“It feels like being punched in the back” – well that just confirmed my doubts about the electric shocks! Aside from electrocuting myself, or willingly letting someone punch me in the back, I’m not entirely sure there’s much I can do to train for the shocks! However, the rest of the obstacles are perhaps a little easier to prepare for… although I don’t think I’ll be having ice baths any time soon!

Since my last Tough Mudder update, I have been in the gym before work every morning running miles and miles, squatting, bench pressing, lifting weights… ok, ok, there might be a slight exaggeration there, but I have been to the gym (she says as she tucks into a doughnut). I was beginning to think that I hadn’t made any progress but as you can see below, and I’m very pleased to say, I have!

In the space of a month my muscle mass improved by 3.7kg! This hasn’t stopped me worrying though, and I fear I still have a long way to go, considering I ran four miles last week and found that hard enough. Tough Mudder is twelve to thirteen… with twenty-five obstacles! Oh, if you’re not too sure what I mean by obstacles, here are a few examples…

Walk the Plank – Ahh yes, the part where you jump into a massive pool of muddy water… from a height of 15+ feet. Nothing like a bit of diving to accompany some electrocution! Maybe I should be practising my front flips and belly flops for this one.

Funky Monkey – the well-known funky monkey… sounds like some sort of crazy dance move you’d throw down on the dance floor, but oh no, not for us mudders. When it comes to be doing tough, the ‘funky monkey’ is there to test your extreme-ometer (I say that like the others don’t, they definitley do)! Not only do you need to swing gracefully from bar to bar without dropping into – yes you guessed it – more muddy water, you have to cling on for dear life when it comes to those greased up poles – mean Tough Mudder organisers!

Cliffhanger – “Leave no mudder behind”, a phrase I have seen all over anything relatively Tough Mudder related, and I have a feeling this obstacle will put this into motion. A slippery, muddy, ridiculously-angled hill, put there to be climbed and defeated by the team. Let’s hope our chain-building skills are up to scratch as we tackle this one together to get to the top.

Of course those are just a few of the many obstacles we will be tackling in four weeks time, and don’t forget the twelve to thirteen miles we will be running as well. I hear you questioning why I’m doing it, well for a little while I was questioning myself too. BUT I’ve heard it really is an unbelievable experience, and seeing as that’s what we provide on a daily basis, it’s only fair we try something new ourselves! Plus, we love a good challenge here at Extreme Element, and what better way to tackle one than in a team. There will be more updates to come… and when I survive I’ll be posting a whole new blog about my experience, and let’s hope I can proudly say I’m a true ‘mudder’… that survived!


Extreme Lava Kayaking

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Just when we thought we had seen some extreme kayaking, we find this…

Oh yes, that really is lava! A whole team of fearless kayakers take to the boiling water to get up close and personal to the oozing molten lava … all to create some incredible images and unforgettable memories … and, of course, to wow us! Check out some more of these jaw-dropping images, all taken by Alexandre Socci:

I’m sure you’re all wondering, ‘Just where is this awesome place?’ Well, it’s an active volcano (surprise, surprise) called Kilauea on Hawaii’s ‘Big Island’. This bunch of daredevils braved the waters all to get some awe-inspiring footage for a Brazilian TV show, KAIAK on Channel OFF. Well worth it, if you ask us!

Absolutely unbelievable. Think this rates pretty high on the ol’ extreme-ometer… anyone fancy giving this a go? Think we’ll give it a miss this time, and leave it to the kayaking pros!


Pro Interview: Stunt Rider Mattie Griffin Update

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Two years ago we introduced you guys to motorbike stunt rider, Mattie Griffin, sponsored by BMW and riding his way into an enormous number of freestyle championships, and jaw-dropping shows. Today, we caught up with him to see what he’s been up to since then.

Hey Mattie, last time we spoke to you, all the way back in 2011, you had lots going on, so just a quick catch up and insight into your world for our Extreme Element readers. You’ve now been stunt riding for nearly ten years right? What do you love most about it?
Yes, I can’t believe how time has just flown past! That’s a tricky question… what I love most about stunt riding… I’d have to say… the thrill of learning new tricks, traveling all over the world, meeting interesting people and most of all, performing and entertaining fans and spectators.

It all sounds so amazing! What has been your most memorable stunt riding related event in the past 2 years?
Again, another difficult question! Mainly because I’m so fortunate to have done so much over the past two years..! I think my most memorable stunt riding related event would be my most recent trip to perform in India (that was an experience and a half), truly unforgettable!

Corr, we bet! We hear your 2013 shows include some brilliant features, please tell us about it.
I am constantly changing and improving my shows, a really recent addition are some impressive stunts using some of our newest and most remarkable ramps. I really love to mix things up with my shows, so I can keep them entertaining for both new and existing spectators. Traditionally my shows are three sets of fifteen minutes, but quite what they include you’ll just have to come along to one to find out!

Do you have anything else exciting coming up in the future?
I’m as busy as ever! I have some pretty high profile shows coming up this year: MCN Live 2013, North West 200, The world famous Goodwood Festival of Speed… To name a few! Over the next few months I will travel throughout Ireland, England, Europe and even as far as Japan to perform. 2013 really is shaping up to be a busy year for me with many new shows, and I really am loving every performance!

Thank you Mattie for chatting to us, we’ll have to come along to one of your shows! Want to find out more about Mattie, or follow his impressive shows around the world?

Like Mattie’s Facebook

Follow Mattie on Twitter

Sign up to Mattie’s monthly newsletter


Attention, A Life In Extremes – Interview

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Here at Extreme Element, we love ALL things extreme, whether it be a sport, video, athlete or something completely outrageous, like a parkour dog! When we heard about this up and coming video that has been produced to delve deeper into the life of three extreme athletes, and the challenges they face, we knew we just had to find out more. We caught up with the director behind the movie to get a real insight into the film.

Movie Title:Attention, a life in Extremes
Genre: 80.min. Feature Documentary
Director: Sascha Köllnreitner
Production: AdriAlpe-Media

So Sascha, please just talk us through the film – “Attention, a life in Extremes”, and what you’re hoping to give to your audience?
What fascinated me the most was the real human being behind the so called “modern superhero”. A perspective I mostly missed in other extreme sports movies.

So first we get to know the daredevils, the gladiators at the edge of the possible, but step by step the true identity and emotions behind this daredevil are uncovered. With all the difficulties, challenges and problems the extreme athlete is facing… Professionally, and even more, privately.

As I’m sure you can imagine, it’s not that easy having a family while you are constantly risking your life, and unfortunately without taking these risks and pushing these boundaries, our inspiring and motivating athletes just won’t get recognised, be able to live their dream or become successful!

So the audience can expect a very entertaining movie, where you can dive into the psyches of people who live pretty extraordinary lives.

It sounds truly moving, could you please just tell us a little more about the three extreme athletes you mention?
The three athletes fit the theme of the movie perfectly, as they’re all from different backgrounds, doing different extreme sports and living different lives. I love the diversity, it really helps to create a true insight into the extreme world. Every one of them has a really interesting story to tell, and have experienced things most of us can’t even begin to imagine. One of my favourite stories is actually how Gerhard, the cyclist, was previously a weightlifter! I learnt so much about these athletes whilst making the film, and it’s such a brilliant way to delve deeper into their backgrounds and past experiences. I felt I really connected with them all.

It’s not long until you’re due to be finished making and editing the film, what are your next steps from there?
Get the film into as many cinemas as possible! I’m really looking forward to a broad promotion tour we’ll be doing in the near future, where I’ll be connecting with so many people from around the world.

We wish you the best of luck with your crowdfunding campaign, how has it gone so far?
From the perspective of a PR agent… Brilliantly! The trailer views are constantly rising.
Speaking in producer language; “Could be better!” We still need a few backers.

It’s always interesting to hear the background, or ‘behind the scenes’ for any movie, do you have any insightful, motivating or interesting stories from your time making the film?
We would be here all day if I even attempted to tell you half of it!

Having recently survived nine days in a car, during the Race Across America, with no more than three hours of sleep a night, we certainly have some brilliant videos and pictures that might give you a rough idea into the ‘making of’. We actually did this trip twice! It was such an amazing and memorable experience. We created a YouTube channel and Facebook page to document our adventures… they’re just too good to miss!

I have learnt so much in the making of this movie, it’s unbelievable. I really can’t stress enough how great it is to just be out and about meeting people and getting to know them! After filming this I’m now constantly telling people to travel as much as possible, and dare to dare sometimes. You may not fancy yourself to be a wingsuit flyer as such…. but get out there! Be extreme!

Brilliant, it all sounds very exciting and like a real eye opener, if you’re dying to find out more, check out the ‘Attention, a life in Extremes’ trailer!
Dying to find out more certainly sounds very fitting to the topic. Thanks again guys and I hope you enjoy!


Tough Mudder Update

Extreme Element signed up to Tough Mudder two weeks ago and aside from all the shocked faces from friends and family, we’re feeling pretty good about it… until a couple of us saw this:

That heavy feeling sinking in; this really isn’t for the faint hearted, we really are going to be facing blood, sweat and tears. Anyone can run a half-marathon (if they train hard enough of course) but to smash through the tough and muddy obstacles will take more than physical fitness, it’s going to test our mental strength too. Twenty-five challenging obstacles – everything from ice pools and fire walking (maybe we should all go to our very own fire walking experience first) to monkey bars and climbing over walls.

With that in mind, I think it’s time to introduce some of the Extreme Element Team who will be tackling the mud and ice together in just thirteen weeks. I also thought it would be a good idea to put together some questions to really dig deep into the worries and fears of our TM team… only to receive some rather witty (or just plain stupid) replies, which I couldn’t possibly ignore… enjoy!


What is your biggest concern?
There’s a yoghurt in my fridge that I bought last week and haven’t eaten it as yet. Not 100%, but I think it goes off today or tomorrow.

How’s the training going?
I have set myself very low targets, so even though I haven’t actually done anything yet – I am ahead of schedule, by quite some distance in fact.

What are you hoping to achieve from doing TM?
Great acclaim. Women. Money. Fame. The attention I deserve.

Any previous marathon experience?
I ate hundreds before they were rebranded Snickers – so none in the last 10/15 years.

How has your life / routine changed most?
Where I once didn’t feel guilty about my slowly expanding waistline, I now almost feel the peer pressure seeping in. So, my oblivious nature is being ever so slightly impacted by the notion I should really be doing something. But then I remember how far ahead of schedule I am – and the feeling of pride makes me feel great. So that’s good.

Do you have a goal beyond TM?
Well I’d still like to own a Lamborghini. Hopefully doing TM will bring me the fame and money that would be needed to purchase one – so yes, my goal would still be the Lamborghini I guess. I’d also like to set up as many websites and make as much money as I possibly can. I’d also like to improve my food-wasting efforts, and not have to throw yoghurts away.


What is your biggest concern?
Death, and the back of my shorts splitting.

How’s the training going?

What are you hoping to achieve from doing TM?
I expect to resemble an Amazonian goddess, as though I was sculpted by the gods themselves.

Any previous marathon experience?
I watched one go by my house once, while smoking and eating cake in bed.

How has your life / routine changed most?
I have started juicing vegetables. I am hoping that will be enough.

Do you have a goal beyond TM?
To use it as a catalyst for living a slightly healthier, smoke-free life. And also I would like to win the euro millions.


What is your biggest concern?
Mud in my hair-do.

How’s the training going?
I have a cold. However, I would say I’m roughly 18% manlier now than when I started.

What are you hoping to achieve from doing TM?
With any luck we’ll lose Selene in one of the obstacles.

Any previous marathon experience?
I watched the half marathon from my living room window, and have a London Marathon medal (acquired without running).

How has your life / routine changed most?
I’m tougher. And muddier.

Do you have a goal beyond TM?
At my age you don’t set goals beyond 3 months out; you never know if you’ll make it that long.

Ok enough of this terrible wit and sarcasm, time for some ‘real’ answers.


What is your biggest concern?
That I won`t be able to run the whole distance. I don`t think my main problem will be with the obstacles and to overcome them, it will be with the constant running. I was never great at long distance running and 12 miles seems to be an awful lot to me.

How’s the training going?
Training is going great as I have Jo training with me, which makes it easier. We can push each other and help each other to overcome our concerns or issues and still have a great laugh about it. The only thing we need to get more going or more like I have to start running more so I can last the whole 12 miles. We have been talking about going down to the beach and run on the pebbles, stairs etc… but we have not gone yet.

What are you hoping to achieve from doing TM?
I hope to run the distance that is asked and I am hoping that this experience will bring us (Extreme Element members) even closer and we will be an even greater team at work. I hope we all be able to come away from it with loads of great memories and with a huge smile on our faces.

Any previous marathon experience?
Back in elementary school I have ran the half marathon and took part in many short distance races so this is not that new for me but it has been a long time since then. Hence, I am a bit nervous about it.

How has your life / routine changed most?
I have been going to gym before the TM training kicked in, but now we (Jo & Me) started to go for as many morning classes as possible. On Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays we go for a Fit-X Class held by Laura in the ZT Gym, which prepares us for running and gives us more strength. We are always given something different to do but the exercises are put together to use all the muscles in our body. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we go to a Box-X class held by Ed at the ZT Gym where we are again do several different exercises but this class focuses on our arm strength a bit more, this will come handy when we will need to climb the obstacles. Otherwise, I still try to go to yoga to stretch my muscles and breath better. Also started to do a diet and eat healthier so I can lose some more weight so I could carry less but this was something that I wanted to do anyway. It will be another change for us when we will move office as we will need to create a new routine, it will be hard.

Do you have a goal beyond TM?
I have the same aim that I already had before the TM….. to lose the weight that I have gained in the last 2 years, become healthier and stronger. Maybe even take part in the next year half or the full marathon in Brighton, this depends on how I will get on with the 12 mile on the TM.


What is your biggest concern?
Not being able to finish, letting everyone down, getting a stitch really early on and getting really bad chaffing from the cold! Also, not being prepared to the cold/wet element of it.

How’s the training going?
Only started this week. Am stepping it up now so I will get back to you…

What are you hoping to achieve from doing TM?
All round general fitness and strength. I want to be really strong, really fit and really toned.

Any previous marathon experience?
I did a 14k cross country run last year (mostly uphill) but that’s it.

How has your life / routine changed most?
Not stuffing my face with junk food before I go to bed … saying no to sweet things … not being able to walk due to pain of going on one run.

Do you have a goal beyond TM?
To keep up the general fitness level and not fall off the bandwagon. Perhaps to do the half marathon next year.


What is your biggest concern?
Injury during the race
How’s the training going?
Great, I’m always training
What are you hoping to achieve from doing TM?
Have fun and be able to say “I did it”
Any previous marathon experience?
2 ½ Marathons
How has your life / routine changed most?
It hasn’t this is just one of many races in the season

As for me (Jo), I’m most worried about injuring myself, falling and dying in a big heap, covered in mud… not too dramatic then.

Watch out for more updates to come!